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5454 Geary Blvd @ 19th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94121


Q: What is Japanese Curry? Does it taste like Thai or Indian Curry?

A: Japanese Curry is made from rice, Curry sauce, vegetables and meat.  The main differences from other curries is that Japanese Curry is thickened with a Roux and sweeter. (wikipedia)

Q: How is Volcano Curry made?

A: At Volcano, we slow cook our curry base (chicken stock and vegetables) for at least 8 hours.  Then it will sit over night for it to have reached its finest taste and consistency.  This has been the traditional Japanese way to make curry.  At volcano, we have followed this tradition.

Q:What is the difference between home style and restaurant style Japanese curry?

A: Since restaurant style curry is cooked longer, the cubes of vegetables and meat that you'd normally see in the home style curry have blended perfectly into the curry base.

Q: Is Japanese curry spicy?

A: It can be, however, Japanese curry is known to be less aromatic than Indian curry and milder (not as spicy-hot) than Thai curry.  At volcano, we offer both mild and spicy variations of Japanese curry.